BEST WESTERN Hotel International of Annecy: capital of Haute-Savoie !

Here, you will be delighted by the atmosphere, the ease of life, and the breathtaking landscapes which have made this a world-renowned region.

Love Annecy

15 minute walk from the hotel

  • Long walk down the Thiou
  • The Marquisats pool (from May until September)
  • The chȃteau l’Isle
  • The old city
  • The Foundation for Salomon contemporary art (new address: 4 avenue de Loverchy)
  • The Pȃquier (a large promenade perfect for picnics!)
  • Le Pont des Amours
  • Le jardin de l’Europe
  • Saint-Pierre cathedral
  • Décavision movie theater
  • The Courier shopping center


15 minute drive from the hotel

  • The banks of the lake
  • The Semnoz summit for a breathtaking view of the lake and Mont-Blanc
  • The chȃteau Menton 
  • Lake Annecy golf course
  • Roc de Chère nature reserve
  • The Marais du Bout du lac d’Annecy nature reserve
  • The Angon waterfall
  • The Secret Garden (Vaulx)

A bit further…

  • Lake Bourget (30 minutes)
  • Geneva and Lake Geneva (45 minutes)
  • Chamonix Mont-Blanc (1 hour and 10 minutes)
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Annecy: an endless source of activities and ideas

Annecy: A city of water and history

Some consider Annecy to be the Venice of the Alps. Others say it’s the French Rome. But one thing is certain, Annecy is one of the most beautiful cities in France. The charm and authenticity found in many French cities, is particularly prominent in Annecy.

The city is very influenced by water. Of course by the lake, but also by the Thiou river, this outlet from the lake winds around the city and can be found two steps away from the hotel. This waterway was very important for mills and factories as well as for ironworks. There, you can find the Palais de l’Isle (12th century), which has since become a cultural center for Annecy architecture and heritage.

Not far from there, in the old city, several canals evoque the atmosphere of Venice. Immersing yourself in this city, it’s easy to get lost in the traboules, these small, hidden passageways and houses are unique to Annecy. Take advantage of the shade in the streets under the archways which are equally characteristic of the city. The numerous fountains that adorn the city squares should be admired for their beauty and charm. The medieval atmosphere of certain small streets is particularly picturesque and well-preserved.

While you are walking around town, don’t forget to visit the castle. Here on the slope of the Semnoz Mountain and near the Thiou, overlooking the south side of the city, you can experience a magnificent view of the area. Constructed over several hundred years between the 12th and 16th centuries, its towers are the symbols of the city. There you can visit the well-known regional art museum (le musée d’Art régionale) where you can see religious works and more modern artifacts from Haute-Savoie. The museum of contemporary art has several different exhibits and don’t forget to visit the regional observatory of the alpine lakes.

Lake Annecy : vitality, leisure, contemplation

Lake Annecy is, without question, one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Overlooked by high peaks (the Tournette, 2351 meters), it has a very specific, beautiful color. It’s possible to leisurely walk on the banks and enjoy the beautiful light and scenery. It’s also possible to take a lap around the entire lake which is, in its entirety, a 43 kilometer walk! Luckily this trail has no beginning or end, and you can choose to start and stop anywhere, for a short or long walk. This journey is marked by maps of the lake and its surrounding areas.

The scenery there is exceptional, fluctuating from the beautiful blue water to the alpine forest. Most importantly, the natural landscape has remained almost untouched for centuries.

Haute-Savoie, activities for everyone

Haute-Savoie is one of the most popular French destinations in summer as well as winter, and that’s not a coincidence! Annecy is the ideal gateway for the activities offered in the area.

Summer - hiking, rock climbing, rafting, canyoning, paragliding are all particularly fun and engaging activities. The diversity of the landscape, the viewpoints, the fresh air and the mountainous environment are all great features. But for those looking to relax, Haute-Savoie also provides a truly laid-back and culturally rich way of life, notably through its cuisine and wine but also for its expansive heritage. Theatre, music, performing arts, museums, and abundant exhibits, like the summer festivals. Winter - the slopes will be calling you thanks to the area’s vast number of ski resorts. Don’t forget to enjoy snowshoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and dog-sledding. After a long day spent in the snow, treat yourself to sinfully good fondue or a tartiflette.

Trip to Annecy: exploring the old town and its lake

The sightseeing excursion in Annecy, nicknamed the Venice of the Alps, begins along the promenade Jacquet, between the lake and the Pâquier gardens. Le Pâquier is a huge, 7.5 hectare promenade offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lake. You will then head for the quayside of the Vassé canal and discover the famous pont des Amours. Enjoy the scenery and the view of the île aux Cygnes. The pont des Amours will then lead you to the jardins de l’Europe, with its many benches. You will also be able to see the statue erected in honor of Claude Louis Berthollet, a chemist originally from Talloires. Next, enjoy a lakeside walk along to the Napoleon III quay.

At the bridge, turn left and follow the Perrière quay that stands opposite, on the banks of the river Thiou. Take rue Perrière on the left. Its colorful buildings and archways will take you to the rampe du château and finally to the town's castle-museum. A former fortified castle, it dominates Annecy from the top of its promontory (and can be visited).

Next, head for the palais de l’Île, on the banks of the Thiou (closed for renovation until 2017), a 12th century fortified house, whose particular function was that of a prison and which nowadays hosts various exhibitions, especially relating to architecture. The former dungeons can also be visited.

Take the island's narrow passageway and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the colorful streets of old Annecy, along the Île and Évêché quays, on the banks of the river Thiou. Then take the Évêché passageway that will bring you to the front of St. Peter's Cathedral. Its renaissance architecture and large organ are well worth seeing.

To finish this day of discovery, you could take a cruise aboard a Riva, to explore the lake and admire the town from a different perspective.